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Vision is something that most of us take for granted. I know I did. Then my car was hit from behind. I suffered a TBI. Within 24 hours, I was unable to read. Pages looked like grey blurs. I was dizzy, had double vision, light sensitivity, and pain. Even worse, when my three young children would run by me, I would startle. I got burns trying to take meal out of the oven because my depth perception was off. It was really hard to be the mom I wanted to be. My concussion doctor initially sent me to a physical therapist to work on some vision and vestibular issues. But after a month, I was not progressing as much as he would have liked. That is when I was referred to Sight Works. There was no magic potion that made my vision better over night, but Dr. Barker, Jennifer and the other staff knew how to walk me through the dark, blurry grey into the light and restore my vision. Now I can volunteer at the kids school without fear of getting dizzy and falling. I can bake a birthday cake without getting burned. I can play chase with my kids without getting startled. That is something I will never take for granted again. Thank you Dr. Barker, Jennifer and all of the staff!

- Rochelle