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Annelise M.

Satisfaction Survey Results

Therapist Name: Jennifer and Leslie

(Score from 5: highly satisfied to 1: not satisfied)

  • Was it easy to schedule an appointment? 5
  • Did our supporting staff correspond with you in a prompt and friendly manner? 5
  • Was your doctor sensitive to your needs? 5
  • Was your therapy time spent efficiently? 5
  • Did we start on time? 5
  • Were the activities in-office explained thoroughly? 5
  • Were the home exercises and plan clearly explained? 5
  • Were you satisfied with the therapy? 5
  • How would you rate your overall experience? 5
  • Would you return to our office? 5
  • Would you refer a friend? 5

Please Describe Your Overall Experience Love the team at Sight Work!

"I think they helped Annie a lot -- now I just need to get her to do her follow-up homework!"

- Annelise M.