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Satisfaction Survey Results

Therapist Name: Lauren Wishlinski

(Score from 5: highly satisfied to 1: not satisfied)

  • Was it easy to schedule an appointment? 5
    • Comment: Sightwork staff was very flexible in accommodating my busy schedule and allowed to pick times around my work schedule
  • Did our supporting staff correspond with you in a prompt and friendly manner? 5
    • Comment: Lauren, and the rest of the team was very friendly as well as professional in all their correspondences. Explained procedures well and answered my questions in detail.
  • Was your doctor sensitive to your needs? 5
    • Comment: Dr. Farnham customized the program exactly around my specific needs. She allowed me to describe the issues I was dealing with in my own words, understood them well and designed my therapy program to address those.
  • Was your therapy time spent efficiently? 5
    • Comment: Yes. The time allotted allowed for multiple exercises and the length of the session was never rushed or cut short. It's amazing how much attention and care was put in to my program.
  • Did we start on time? 5
    • Comment: Yes
  • Were the activities in-office explained thoroughly? 5
    • Comment: Yes. Explanations were provided not only in person, but also in a written form so I could remember exactly what to do at home as well.
  • Were the home exercises and plan clearly explained? 5
    • Comment: Yes. Props were provided for use at home which was great.
  • Were you satisfied with the therapy? 5
    • Comment: Very satisfied and glad to have found this program.
  • How would you rate your overall experience? 5
    • Comment: Excellent from start to finish. Has helped me in more ways than one.
  • Would you return to our office? 5
    • Comment: Yes
  • Would you refer a friend? 5
    • Comment: Most certainly

Please Describe Your Overall Experience:  This experience has been life changing. Seeing my vision improve significantly in just a matter of 8 weeks of therapy has led to a confidence boost as well as brought on a sense of positivity in my attitude overall. Other doctors I had previously visited had let me to believe my eyes couldn't improve and would continue to deteriorate over time. Sightwork's vision therapy program has proved all of them wrong. I'm lucky and thankful to have discovered and decided to pursue therapy. The entire staff, Dr. Farnham, Ashley, Jennifer and especially Lauren have been amazing to work and interact with. Thank you!