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Initial Evaluations

A vision therapy evaluation consists of a 2-part evaluation. During this evaluation, a battery of tests is performed that evaluates many aspects of the visual system. All testing is then assessed and an individual plan for vision therapy is designed. Some children that exhibit multi-disciplinary deficiencies may need to see an occupational therapist, a physical therapist, or speech therapist regularly.

Oculo-motor Evaluation (sensorimotor)

This part of the evaluation tests tracking, vergences, depth perception, accommodation, visual-motor integration, and how well the eyes work together as a team. If the eye teaming and focusing system are not working efficiently this creates learning problems. Oculolmotor skills are very important for collecting visual data to then process and understand. If there is a problem with visual data collection then understanding visual information is very difficult. Symptoms will include difficulty copying from the board, skipping lines, skipping words, difficulty finishing timed tests, poor comprehension skills etc.

Visual Perceptual Evaluation

This part of the evaluation tests how well a child understands what he or she sees. We test visual memory, laterality, sequential processing, etc. Understanding and making since of what you see is an integral part of learning. Visual processing is the ability to take the visual data that has been collected, recognizing it, grouping it appropriately for understanding and relating it to past experiences or knowledge.