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We are so excited to share some information about SightWork with you. Sightwork specializes in vision therapy and has been open since 2008. This aspect of eye care has been very rewarding for our team. We have had the opportunity to help many children and adults to address a variety of concerns with reference to the visual system. We work with individuals with various visual needs including reading delays, amblyopia (lazy eye), poor visual tracking, visual delays for children on the spectrum, visual processing delays and more. Each patient receives an individualized plan of action which can range from school recommendations, OT recommendations, home vision therapy to different lengths of in-house vision therapy. We work very closely with all medical discipline because we feel that a multi-disciplinary approach is so important. Vision therapy is an individualized treatment program designed to improve or correct dysfunctions of the visual system.

Vision therapy trains the entire visual system, which includes the eyes, brain and body. It’s like “physical therapy for the eyes”. The goal of vision therapy is to train an individual’s brain to use the eyes to receive information effectively, understand it quickly, and react appropriately. Vision therapy sessions include programs designed to enhance the brain’s ability to control eye alignment and eye movements, focusing abilities, and eye teamwork. Visual skills are developed through the use of lenses, prisms, computer programs, and hands-on activities. Vision therapy can better equip a child to learn and to reach their full potential in the classroom.