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Vision Therapy is for Adults, too!

"I have been cross-eyed since early infancy and had three surgeries as a child that made my eyes look more or less straight.  However, I did not develop stereo vision until age 48 when I underwent optometric vision therapy under the guidance of a developmental optometrist."

-- Sue Barry, PhD, author of Fixing my Gaze

Many people think that vision therapy is only for children. However, adults have as much need for this type of vision care as children. Vision therapy is effective for adults because they are often very motivated to improve their visual abilities by seeing the consequences of their visual problems.

When people have trouble using both eyes together or can't focus for great lengths of time, they do not simply grow out of these problems. Children with visual problems often become adults with visual problems.

Adults will figure out many ways to compensate for their visual problems so that they can continue with any strenuous visual work they need to accomplish. Often, adults come home from work extremely tired when all they did was sit at a desk and do paperwork. Children, on the other hand, will tend to avoid tasks that are difficult or make them feel inadequate.

A developmental optometrist can help to reduce the strain of near work as well as work with any other kinds of visual problems. The proper lenses along with vision therapy make a tremendous difference in an adult's ability to function at work or sports, just as with children of school age. Clinical results have shown that in-office vision therapy produces statistically significant improvement in vision symptoms for adults.

At our clinic, we have great success with adults at improving their visual comfort and also with adults recovering from visual deficits as a result of a brain injury.