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Outside Summer Fun Activities

Outdoor play has immense importance in developing children. Not only has it been linked with less nearsightedness, but the benefit of exploring and interacting with the environment is essential to the brain being able to make sense of all of the sensory information that it is receiving at once. Of course, we also hope to eliminate the dreaded, “I am bored!” statements from our children!


  1. Paint an old sheet to make lawn art.
  2. Make and hand homemade bird feeders.
  3. Have a read-a-thon outside in the shade or in a tent.
  4. Make homemade ice cream.
  5. Create obstacles to ride their bikes around.
  6. Play drip, drip, slash (similar to duck, duck, goose).
  7. Sidewalk chalk games (use a spray bottle to spray the letters, or spray their shadow).
  8. Play bullseye with a sponge (create a bull’s eye with points using chalk then throw the sponge).
  9. Wrap a piece of masking tape around each child’s wrist with the sticky side facing out. Go on a “Nature Walk” and collect items from nature (leaves, grass, small rocks, flowers, etc) and stick them on your masking tape “bracelet”. Come home and compare bracelets.
  10. Plant a garden and leave the kids in charge of watering, weeding and harvesting.
  11. Make a water balloon piñata.
  12. Make mix and match painted rock faces.
  13. Play angry birds with water balloons (draw the birds with chalk then fire away).
  14. Relay races (egg on spoon, 3 legged race, and wheelbarrow).

Start with these then use Pinterest or google to help drive your creativity! Have fun outside!