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Home » What's New » RightEye diagnostic testing is now available at Sightworks

RightEye diagnostic testing is now available at Sightworks

Eye-tracking technology, which is both objective and non-invasive, captures pictures of eye movements (30-250) times a second. The test takes 5 minutes. right eyeThe data produced is quantitative—meaning, it allows physicians to identify issues in a measurable way. As therapy progresses, progress in eye teaming can be determined. This system can be used with athletes to measure visual skills important to their sport. Concussion or brain injury patients often have difficulty with eye teaming and the Right Eye can be used to diagnose any issues and monitor progress. This is not vision therapy, but a tool to measure and track progress.

Symptoms of poor eye teaming include the following:

  • Loss of place with reading
  • Skipping lines with reading
  • Excessive head movement when reading
  • Confusing one word with another
  • Careless errors
  • Poor reading comprehension
  • Problems with attention while reading


Please talk to your doctor if you feel you may be having difficulty coordinating your eye movements.