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Home » What's New » Games and activities that will help develop basic skills!

Games and activities that will help develop basic skills!


Merry Christmas! Here is a list of favorite games and activities that will help develop basic skills for: visual processing, fine-motor, eye-hand coordination and much more.

Top 10 Toys/Games for 2018:

  1. Rainbow Loom
  2. Qbitz
  3. Blokus
  4. Rush Hour
  5. Swish
  6. Blink
  7. Set
  8. Tangoes
  9. Kendama
  10. Spot It

Other Great Games (by visual skill category)

Visual Processing:

Qwirkle                                  Doodle Dice

Mastermind                         Brick by Brick

Chinese Checkers               Boggle

Connect Four                      Hidden Pictures

Mancala                               Parquetry Blocks

Attribute Blocks                 Rory’s Story Cubes

Storybook Game               Chess/Checkers

Dominoes                            Scrabble Flash

Serpentiles                          I Spy

Stare JR.                              Sherlock – Memory Card Game

Battle Ship                           Bop It

Right Turn, Left Turn       Jigsaw puzzles

Card Games (Old Maid, Go Fish etc)



Fine Motor/ Eye-Hand Coordination:

Jenga                                      Pick Up Sticks

Kerplunk                                Don’t Break the Ice

Perplexus                              Legos

Knex                                        Lincoln Logs

Tinker Toys                            Erector Set

Origami                                  Light Bright

Pegboard and Pegs              Coloring Books and Activity books

Playdough/Silly Putty          Bead Stringing

Sewing Cards                         Stencils

Models (car, airplanes, etc.)


Eye-Hand-Body Coordination and Balance:

O-ball                                     Ring Toss

Magnetic Darts                     Ping Pong

Ants in the Pants                 Operation

Ball (Nerf, bouncy, Koosh, sports, etc.)

Pitchback                              Ring Toss

Elefun                                   Jump Ropes

Sit and Spin                        Trampoline