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Patching is in the past!


An article this year in ADVANCES IN OPHTHALMOLOGY AND OPTOMETRY was published to update all eye care providers in advances in the treatment of binocular vision disorders.Untitled

Clinical research in neuroscience is advancing the understanding of brain plasticity at any age. We now know that it is never too late (assuming there is no eye or brain disease) to improve a patients binocular system to provide comfortable vision.  Undatitled

Along with this, we have new therapeutic applications of patient-engaging vision-therapy computer-based programs including virtual reality (VR). In addition to the proper application of prescription lenses, prisms, and filters, using advanced methods of office-based vision therapy, including VR programs, can have a positive effect on patient outcomes in their vision rehabilitation treatment plan. This VR system can be used in the therapy clinic, at home or both settings.

The VR treatment includes several principles. The principle of engagement is used, meaning visual attention is required for the games (as it is in learning) and this increases the signal-to-noise ratio of visual representations within the cortex. Hand-eye coordination, use of peripheral vision and balancing the left and right eye input are also used in the VR customizable settings.