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Home » What's New » Gross motor play is so much more than letting out energy!

Gross motor play is so much more than letting out energy!


When your child’s body engages in any physical experience, his senses are engaged and his brain records it, building a bank of knowledge over time. With enough repetitive experience, his brain cells begin to connect and create associations. They are learning problem solving skills and how to interact with others. This helps them understand the world and where they are in the world. In our clinic, we are very concerned with gross motor skill development because it is the building block for fine motor and oculomtor development.

Below is a list of activities to get your child to move, even inside on a cold day:

*Create roads for the kids to drive cars along: Using Tape, bubble wrap, chalk

*Play Balloons: bounce, play badminton, dodgeball

*Go on a hunt: Scavenger hunt, string hunt, or search for favorite toys

*Balance: Balance beam, walk a line or make it a relay

*Move like a ___________: Insert your favorite animal (snake, monkey, cheetah, etc.)

*Make an activity or obstacle course: crawl around or over pillows

*Hopscotch: make it a contest with or without a beanbag

*Simon Says: Kids repeat your command or multiple commands to make it more challenging

*Relay races: wheelbarrow races, 3 legged races


Be creative and let the kids add in their own suggestions. Often, kids may resist at first, but have a blast once they get moving.