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It is too costly NOT to do Vision Therapy!  


The truth is that Vision Therapy is comparable to many other services.  Families spend thousands of dollars on years of tutoring services.  If there is an underlying visual issue, tutoring serves as a band-aid and does not treat the root cause of learning-related visual problems. Tutoring, if still needed, would be much more efficient after the visual skills needed are in place. After vision therapy, skills gained often stay for life and can be built upon as the child progresses through school.

Let’s face it; there are many expenses in every family, from sports camps to tutoring services, vacations, health clubs, braces and more.  But the benefits of Vision Therapy are invaluable. If your child has oculomotor skills that are deficient or a visual processing dysfunction, this could be preventing them to be able to reach their academic potential.  Vision therapy will allow them to gain the skills needed to achieve their highest potential in school and carry into their career.