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Prevention is better than the cure!

Sightwork blogpost

At the beginning of my career as an eye doctor, I was fortunate enough to see the majority of the children in our private practice. Once I started examining a large number of children, I realized that binocular vision problems are present! I was amazed at the frequency and variety of deficits that I was seeing. The only consistency was that all of the children were struggling in school. Grades were not always poor, but these children were working really hard to achieve academically.

Why is Vision Therapy So Important?

Vision therapy is a non-surgical therapy that involves a number of eye exercises, advanced optometric devices and vision-enhancing techniques. All of these techniques have the ability to address and cure any common vision problem your child may have. If your child undergoes vision therapy sessions early on, this will significantly limit progressive worsening of the problem and the resultant delays in learning.

The most common signs of vision problems that may be affecting your child are:

  • children learning.pngAbnormally long time taken when doing homework
  • Interpreting letters such as ‘b’ as ‘d’ while reading or writing after the age of 8
  • Display of poor reading/writing/spelling ability
  • Re-reading or skipping of lines when reading
  • Short attention spans when doing schoolwork or reading
  • Blurriness and headaches
  • Excessive rubbing of eyes with extended near work
  • Display of frustration with schoolwork

These signs could be present in your child due to an underlying vision or visual processing deficit that is affecting the way in which your child reads or learns. Please contact us for information on how we can help.