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Summer Fun!

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brainSummer is a fun time to enjoy a variety of sports. At Sightwork, we have the pleasure to work with athletes on several different levels. Sharpening athletic skills by improving visual performance and rehabilitation following a brain injury are two of the ways we can help athletics.

Brain injuries and rehabilitation: Concussion is a mild form of traumatic brain injury. After sustaining a brain injury from a blow to the head (including sports related, falls or motor vehicle accident), patients often have a variety of lingering symptoms. Life altering symptoms include confusion, headaches, disorientation/dizziness, vomiting and/or nausea, unsteadiness, light sensitivity, blurred vision, double vision and photophobia. These symptoms results in academic problems such as loss of place when reading slow reading and trouble with comprehension.

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Optimal visual performance improves athletic skills: Well above average visual skills are hallmarks of elite athletes. Eye-hand coordination, fixation, tracking peripheral awareness and many other skills must be well developed to meet the demands of most sports. An individualized vision therapy plan is designed to meet the demands of each athlete’s sport.

Vision therapy is not instituted to simply strengthen eye muscles, but rather is done to treat functional deficiencies in order for the patient to achieve efficiency and comfort when using the visual system. Both sports and academics are optimized when the visual skills are in place.