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Improved Academics and Beyond

improved academics and beyond

At our vision therapy clinic, we have important goals for our patients:

Improving reading speed

Improving comprehension of written material

Gaining the ability to complete work in a timely matter

Less fatigue with near work

Improvement in grades

Let’s review some of the additional benefits that we have personally experienced with our therapy patients. Distracting behavior during near tasks can be eliminated, such as blinking, shaking of the head, rubbing their eyes and/or watering. This is because the visual skills for tracking, focusing and eye teaming are able to accomplish the task much more efficiently. Everyday skills, such as tying shoes and riding a bike become easier. In one particular child, she no longer got lost in a crowd. Another no longer suffered from motion sickness and was able to ride all the way to Florida without getting sick. Coordination and body balance improves when your visual system is functioning accurately.

Probably the most touching benefit that we see is improvement in a child’s self-confidence. Children stand taller, make better eye contact and converse more naturally. Their social skills improve as they feel confidence and feel equal with their peers. By the end of a vision therapy program, children not only have the “ingredients” to complete the recipe for successful learning, but they also have the increased confidence to apply and use the skills. After therapy, we are all smiling!